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#A Monza l’International Performance Art Festival



International Performance Art Festival

Sala Convegni -Teatrino della Villa Reale di Monza

28-29-30 May 2009

H.P.M. Art Director: Nicola Frangione – Via Ortigara 17, 20052 Monza  italy


Performance Art & Action Poetry

Over the past 30 years, Action Art found fertile fields of confluence between the experimentation on vision and gesture and poetic-visual sound dramaturgy. Most of this research was characterized by the connection between Performance Art , “total poetry” and the nomadism of the performer that restlessly shifts through linguistic fields just like through geographic territories and varied socio-cultural circles. This year Harta Performing stresses the concept of nomadism perceived as the key element in the performer work. In the theoretical intervention opening the fifth edition of the festival, great attention will be given to the dialectic of relationships “between spiritus and corpus, subject and object, imagination and reality, thought and action, private and public, local and global, specific and total, project and performance”. As stated by Giovanni Fontana “on these oppositions, a fluctuating dynamics takes shape, it holds up the energy and matter continuum in which action is strenuously built. The body energy is used to get rid of imposed references and directions and to generate new situations; it continuously breaks the temporary balances and favours the construction of interlinguistic and intermedial systems that influence the dynamics of the elements involved.”

The international festival “ART ACTION – Harta Performing Monza”, unanimously considered one of the most interesting events in the framework of international Art innovation, is a significant point of reference for cultural exchange. After the success of the previous editions, this year the festival offers to the city of Monza not only a comparison between the new arts but also an opportunity to reflect on one of the most pressing and thrilling issues of the theoretical debate: the meaning and the creation techniques of the “plural work”, true action field of the polyartist, “who can play his cards right between poetry and cinema, theatre and music, dance and visual arts”.

Harta Performing Monza

Giovedì 28 Maggio

Ore 21 intervento teorico di: Giovanni Fontana (italia)

Ore 21,30 -24,00 performances programma con:

John Giorno USA,

Nicola Frangione (Italia)

Dome Bulfaro & Massimiliano Varotto (Italia)

Paolo Albani (Italia)

Venerdi 29 Maggio

Ore 21,00 -24,00 performances programma con:

Endre Szkarosi (Ungheria)

Giovanni Fontana (Italia)

Anne-James Chaton (Francia)

Gian Paolo Guerini & Gian Luca Gaiba (Italia)

Sabato 30 Maggio

Ore 21,00 -24,00 performances programma con:

Gian Paolo Roffi  & Jazz Poetry Quartet (Italia),

Tomaso Kemeny (Ungheria)

Fernando Aguiar (Portogallo)

Bartolomé Ferrando (Spagna)

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